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At Girls Write the World, our mission is to celebrate, affirm and project young, female voices. We recognize the act of writing as both a powerful political force and an invaluable therapeutic tool. Under our model, young women come together to study the work of inspirational female poets and participate in writing workshops to develop their own work. To date, our participants have created nearly 200 pieces of original poetry.


I knew

by Jentrice Driver

I knew who I was

When I realized my own strength

How my love was infinite

And knew no length

How I couldn’t fall

I would continue to rise

When life throws me a challenge

I take the challenge for a ride

Wanting to let it know

Who I was

Like I had to realize myself

Here I am/was

With minimum help




by Mekyra Smith

My shoulders and back strong

As if I carry the weight

Of the world on them

Just as my ancestors had

My hips and thighs wide

To carry the spiteful babes

Of a hateful society

Hateful of the very things that made them

My face smiling

To get through the hurt

And the horrendous happenings

From the past, present, and future

My mouth big

My voice loud

To give people around me the hope

And opportunities to speak what’s on their minds

My heart, soul, mind indestructible

My heart, soul, mind indestructible


Here I Am

by Jackie Driver

Here I stand in front of you

With these broken pieces in my hand

These pieces stand for all the times

You hurt me

Made me feel small

Made me feel like I wasn’t good enough

Made me feel like I was your toy

Made me feel like trash on the street

Made me feel like I was nothing

more than a fragile woman

Here I stand looking you dead in your eyes

Wanting you to feel the pain you put me through

Wanting you to regret the little thing

that you did to me

But I know that you won’t

So here I stand saying thank you

For all that you put me through

Because without you

I would have never found out how to love me

And celebrate me for the amazing woman I am

Thank you for all the

Times you made me feel

Like I wasn’t good enough

Because now I know

What good enough feels like

Now I know what it feels

Like to be big

So big that I can do anything

Here I am, loving me

For me

Living life like its golden

Here I am Here I am Here I am

Here I am

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